n/a/s/l + poor farm


"¿qué es lo que se aprende sobre el canto de pájaros y la naturaleza cuando se pinta encerrado en un cuarto de concreto edificios y automóviles?"

AUG.3.18 - AUG.5.18

Exhibited at Poor Farm

Curated by n/a/s/l and programmed by sodA.

N/A/S/L is a curatorial motive and advocate to art exhibition, distribution (dissemination) and reflection. Based on empathies, affinities, complicities, affections & coincidences.

The Poor Farm was founded in 2009 to facilitate and present artist’s projects, forums, and yearlong exhibitions at the former Waupaca County Poor Farm (built in 1876) in Little Wolf, Wisconsin. The Poor Farm is a not-for-profit project space that honors the tradition of artist directed programs.


  • José Eduardo Barajas
  • Galia Basail-Mulcahy
  • Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta
  • Elsa-Louise Manceaux
  • Diego Salvador Rios



Installation Views


José Eduardo Barajas

Cirrus, 2018
Oil on canvas

Diego Salvador Rios

(ᵕ̣﹏ᵕ̣) - triptych, 2018
Oil pastel, india ink, colored chalk, colored pencil and permanent marker on paper wood, nails, steel wire
Dimensions variable

Galia Basail-Mulcahy

(H)ola de Noki, 2017
Video on monitor
03:04 minutes

Diego Salvador Rios

Paisaje(...delaseriePaisajesII), 2016-2018
Encaustic paint, acrylic paint, color pencil and gelly roll pen on panel

Elsa-Louise Manceaux

Night Flight, 2018
Acrylic-gouache and egg-tempera on linen
47x35 cm

Elsa Louise Manceaux

Render - Faces, 2018
Egg-tempera, acrylic gouache, flashé and color pencil on cotton paper mounted on pdf plate
65x43 cm

Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta, profecías y magia

oración tropical _ fe, milagros, 2018
Google Drive Folder
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